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  • Balibago Waterworks is committed to behaving ethically to contribute to economic development through the provision of high-quality water service to the communities that we serve.

  • With more than 60 years in water utility operations, BWSI attributes its success to taking responsibility for everything that it does.

  • Our purpose is beyond making a profit for our stockholders.

  • As an organization, we have a responsibility to our employees to recognize their valuable contribution to the growth of the organization. Through their hard work and dedication, success is made possible.

  • We also have a responsibility to our customers and to the community at large. Their welfare and satisfaction are our topmost priority.  

  • Lastly, we also take responsibility for taking care of the environment which provides us with our precious water resource.

  • All of these principles are manifested in various projects and initiatives of BWSI.

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