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SBRI gets nod on Parallel System in Cagayan De Oro

South Balibago Resources, Inc. (SBRI) is slowly, but ever-surely building up a remarkable rhythm and resume in August, after the City Council of Cagayan De Oro (CDO), approved on 13 August 2018 SBRI’s grandiose petition and proposal to undertake a fresh, parallel water system in CDO’s thick but unserved or underserved area(s).  As per City Resolution No. 13039-2018, the Sangguniang Panglunsod (SP) strongly endorses the “establishment of another or parallel water system in the first district of CDO City…to develop sources, process, and deliver potable water to majority of the residents.”  The Resolution was unanimously carried out by the SP, through the initiative of Hon. Teodulfo Lao, Committee Chairman on Public Utilities, and armed with the crucial attestation of the Hon. Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin Uy.

This Council Resolution firstly recasts longstanding concerns among elected local officials, and concessionaires about the operational shortcomings of the existing Cagayan de Oro Water District (COWD) – the panganay of all Philippine water districts – and uncertainties hanging over the present privately-run bulk water operations annexed to COWD.  The resolution secondly legitimises SBRI’s request for parallel accommodation after having already conducted a string of business development exercises and preliminary technical due diligence that encompasses mainly District 1, or the Western sector, of the City.  Last but not least, the Resolution articulates the LGU’s proactive efforts at mobilizing private financial and technical resources in support of delivering more efficient, dependable, and universal potable water supply to the City. 

BWSI President and SBRI Director CLP insists that the method by which larger franchises such as Mati City, and now, Cagayan De Oro City, are acquired in context of a parallel Level III Water system speaks volumes of (i) the real, on-the-ground deficits in safe water provisions that afflict even urbanized, developed areas; and (ii) the competitive advantages of BWSI/SBRI in understanding, mitigating, and managing the distinct complexities, costs, and politics of operating in “shared, non-exclusive spaces.”  Accordingly, Sir CLP’s larger-than-life presence has been central to SBRI’s laser-like focus in netting Cagayan De Oro City as the company’s overall Franchise #62, and SBRI’s 9th franchise.

Greenlighting the parallel water supply system for CDO City formalizes a 35-year agreement with the LGU.  The Project involves the development and pumping of major groundwater supply sources in Brgy. Macasandig, as well as extensive pipelaying, to accommodate five (5) pilot barangays in District 1 – including sections of Brgy. Carmen, described as the most populous barangay in Region X!  The mighty CDO River is likewise projected to play a subsequent, pivotal role in generating sufficient, long-term supply in consonance with heavy, continuous urban residential, industrial, and commercial expansion and agglomeration within the City.  

Cagayan De Oro City, a highly urbanized and independent first-class city in Northern Mindanao with a population of nearly 700,000 persons (2015), is among the 10 largest cities in the Philippines.  Next to Jaro, Iloilo City, prospective operations in this amazing City – literally “de Oro,” or “of Gold,” promises to be the toughest but brightest one yet for SBRI.

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