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By: Gabby de Vera

True to its core values, BWSI Management adopted harmonizing initiatives with the community. Foremost, in view of surrounding dire financial conditions, BWSI doubly waived penalties and disconnection policies for customers with delinquent bills from February through May along with providing flexible options of settling outstanding bills in stretched installments. In another show of our malasakit, the “BWSI CARES” program was executed from June to July 2020, whereby low-income customers of our revenue centers were able to enjoy 1-time discounts on their water bills paid during the said period. And most inspiringly, all 700+ BWSI employees were reassured of their job security and financial support at a time gutted by extreme anxiety and risk-taking.

In the world all over, the world’s largest pharmaceuticals and the brightest minds have been rushing to complete trials and the manufacture of the COVID19 vaccine. In lieu of an antidote, however, we are seeing that one of the greatest cures remains our collective work, our compassion, our capacity to serve – and to serve each other with honesty, dedication, and love.

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